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Installing the end user application (UltiMate)
Installing the end user application (UltiMate)

Our End-user application UltiMate helps your users to raise Tickets in just 3 clicks and connect with your Techs in Realtime.

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What is UltiMate?

UltiMate is our dedicated end-user application designed to cater to all your users' IT requirements. In its current beta phase, UltiMate stands out as a reliable companion for your users, enabling them to effortlessly create tickets with just three clicks, monitor the status of their tickets, schedule appointments with Techs, and offer real-time feedback on every resolved ticket. Truly, the ultimate solution for a seamless IT support experience.

Installing the End-User Application-Ultimate

  1. The customer's user can download the UltiMate during their account activation process.

  2. Alternatively, users can download the End-User application by clicking "UltiMate" at the bottom of the side navigation bar and sharing it with your customer's user.

  3. Retrieve the installer file according to the device's configuration

  4. Just double click on the installation file downloaded on concern system

  5. No need to do any other steps to install application

  6. After installing the UltiMate, the customer's user should log in using their chosen verified customer user credentials (username: email ID, password: self-set password).

  7. Additionally if you integrated SSO for your customer domain, Just enter user email address and next button, account will verify with domain provider and log you in directly to Ultimate without asking password for user

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